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Title photo by Alex Drop, released under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Honorable delegates, committee presidents, coordinators and all whom this letter may concern,

As you are all certainly keenly anticipating, the 58th International Model European Parliament is upon us, this year held in the magical city of European heritage, Prague. A city bridging the gap between Western and Eastern Europe, holding a deeply woven cultural background of cuisine, folklore and architecture. You are all sure to experience the beautiful place we call home first hand, when you arrive, in November. Whether it’s the view from Malostranské náměstí, that oversees the bank of the Vltava river, or gazing up at the 15th century astronomical clock erect over the old town square, you are sure to be left speechless at the beauty of this historical city. And surely, no less enticing than the towering Prague castle, overlooking the Vltava river which runs through Prague like the lifeblood of the city, the MEP session itself. Visiting places of Czech parliamentary proceedings, stepping into the shoes of policy makers, you will spend a week tackling the relevant political questions, equally challenged by the European Parliament, the EU Commission and the Council themselves. Of course it is necessary, that coupled with the right amount of desire and passion, you come adequately prepared and informed on the topics of your choosing. To guide you through this, your committee presidents will prepare  preparation materials from which you will be able to draw relevant information. It is of the upmost importance however, that you do not rely solely on the documents provided as your sole source of knowledge. Dive deep into the rabbit hole, be creative in your resolutions, think outside the box and in times of lesser motivation, think back to the reason you applied for the MEP. Maintain your passion and ambition throughout the session and during all preparation steps preceding the session. Always keep in mind the importance of these sessions, not only to developing yourself as future leaders of Europe, but as a voice of solution to current global problems: a youth think-tank, fuelling the machine of innovation with potent and creative ideas. European ideas for global problems.

On behalf of the entire presidency, we are delighted to host the 58th international session of the Model European Parliament in Prague,  the capital city of the Czech Republic. We look forward to an unforgettable week of fruitful debate and consensus finding as well as of intercultural exchange.


Dominik Hill



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