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Honourable Delegates, Esteemed Committee Presidents, Coordinators and Teachers,

We are thrilled to welcome you to the historic city of Athens for the 60th International Session of the Model European Parliament! The Birthplace of Democracy provides the perfect backdrop for our convention where young minds from across Europe and beyond will come together to debate, collaborate, and shape the future of our continent. This session marks a significant milestone in the history of the MEP, and we are honoured we will have each of you contributing your unique perspectives and ideas.

While in Athens, you will have the chance to visit remarkable historical sites that date back millennia and immerse yourselves in the Hellenic heritage and culture. Most importantly, however, those participating as delegates and committee presidents, will engage in rigorous discussions, develop innovative solutions to pressing issues, and build lasting connections with fellow delegates. Your role is crucial, and we are confident that your contributions will have a lasting impact because what you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments but what is woven into the lives of others.

We are positive that this session has the potential to spark a passion in you regarding various matters that you will have to discover yourselves. Whether that has to do with your future, the people you meet, stepping out of your comfort zone, contributing to the successful function of democracy or, most importantly, letting your voices be heard throughout Europe, we are eager to see you bloom in what we have prepared for you.

We encourage you to fully embrace this opportunity, to challenge yourselves as well as each other, and to approach every debate with an open mind and a collaborative spirit. The diversity of thought and experience that you bring is what makes MEP such a powerful and enriching experience. MEP is the kindling of a flame which has potential, and we are here to assure you that we will ignite that flame to flare up!

We are both positive that you will give it your all to make this session one of the most memorable weeks of your lives!

On behalf of the Presidency,

Eva Margariti | 60th iMEP Athens | Model European Parliament

Eva Margariti
President of the 60th iMEP session

Paris Tsoumanis | 60th iMEP Athens | Model European Parliament

Paris Tsoumanis
President of the 60th iMEP session

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