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It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the presidency of the 51stsession of the Model European Parliament, I warmly welcome you to the tiniest state of the European Union, Malta.

The MEP is a one-of-a-kind platform where democracy, freedom of expression, diversity and multiculturalism are cherished, offering young people a tangible opportunity to experience these values. It is fascinating how such an event can deliver a unique impact on each participant, regardless of nationality, age or session participated in. We come together to solve the problems Europe faces today, giving the continent the courage it needs and deserves. Having personally participated in a handful of MEP sessions, I return after every session feeling grateful, empathetic and enlightened to take this spirit back with me, having widened my perspective of who the European truly is.

These are the emerging values that are desperately required in the contemporary European Union. Faced with climate change protests led by students, a divisive migrant crisis and increased representation of Euroscepticism in the European Parliament, the idea of an integrated Europe is in dire need of assistance. I can easily go on with this list and further give my opinion on each topic, however that will be none other than your task when you finally arrive to Malta.

Malta, surrounded by sea in the heart of the Mediterranean, will be the perfect host for the 51stMEP session; not only will you realize that our isolation from the rest

of Europe is solely physical and not literal, but it will also ground you in the reality of climate change and the need for sustainability. Apart from this, Malta is the most recent country to implement voting at the age of sixteen in all elections, further adding on to our significance as a host for this European Union for youths.

I promise you that Malta is the ideal place to inspire courage. Isolation and suppression meant being battered by constant bombings and massive starvation during World War II, creating the perfect ground for heroism. Having been awarded the prestigious George Cross for this bravery, the Maltese flag serves as a permanent reminder of what it is like to be truly courageous.

The Maltese showed everybody how it’s done, I encourage you to come here and do the same.

Thus, the Presidency warmly welcomes you all to the 51st session of the Model European Parliament in Malta.

Nigel Caruana (Malta, President)

Nigel Caruana

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