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Welcome note

The presidency of the 50th international Model European Parliament session welcomes everyone warmly to the city of lights and love, our capital Paris, and to Strasbourg, home to the European Parliament and a dynamic city of western France.

This MEP, as the previous ones, should be a unique opportunity for each of its participants to discuss European burning issues : as today’s youth will form tomorrow’s actors of the EU, willing to be aware of their peers’ matters, it is essential to allow these future defenders of an even effectiver Europe getting used to a respectful and fruitful dialogue with other European citizens. Therefore, the MEP is a precious experience of free speech and enjoyable multiculturalism when politics nowadays often betray such values by underlining mutual distrust in our Member States.

Nevertheless, this highlighting reveals deep discrepancy between the EU’s goals and their achievement nowadays : both are to be challenged by this year’s delegates, facing cases such as the refugee crisis, terrorism, economic tensions with major foreign countries, social discrimination based on gender or ethnicity. This without forgetting that the EU doesn’t only resolve existing problems but prevents them and acts for progress, as some committees will have to deal with environmental or urbanistic questions.

Therefore, Paris, which hosted the Climate Change Conference, which is deeply concerned by terrorism issues, which considers the EU as one of its priorities since the last elections seems like a privileged place to understand how crucial these issues are. Furthermore, our bustling cultural life and our worldwide famous romantic atmosphere will allow this MEP to be enriching as much as thrilling!

Thus, the presidency warmly welcomes you all to the jubilee meeting, the 50th international session of the Model European Parliament in Paris and Strasbourg.

On behalf of the Presidency,  Nolwenn Da Cruz


Nolwenn Da Cruz (FRANCE)

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