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The presidency of the 48th international Model European Parliament session welcomes everyone warmly to the capital of chilly Estonia, Tallinn.

Just like Estonians themselves, this letter will be brief, sharp and to the point.

photo of session president Vikki PerijainenThe MEP is a unique event in that it allows young people from all over Europe to find a platform in which to discuss issues that matter to all. In sharp contrast to how it is too often done in the press or on the streets, differences are recognized, but discussed with civility and respect. Thus, not only does this project allow for a conversation that incorporates broad and disparate interests, it helps foster a culture of dialogue, mutual respect and peaceful conflict-resolution. In this particular time of isolated media-bubbles and uncompromising extremes on both sides, the creation of such a culture is vital.

Currently, Europe faces challenges both inside and out – relations with Russia, internal instability, secessionism, the threat of terrorism and a rapidly changing economy. Those problems pose difficult questions about reconciling the EU-s commitment to its principles with the necessity for often unprecedented reform. We hope that this week’s discussions and debates will bring forward constructive and thought-provoking answers.

For all of the abovementioned goals, whether they are creating a healthy dialogue or solving the age old dilemma of efficiency and liberty, Estonia is the perfect place. The cold will keep you on your feet, the dark humour will make sure you stay grounded in reality and our excellent and innovative IT-sector will make sure you are always well-equipped to deal with said reality.

Thus, the presidency warmly welcomes you all to the MEP EST 18 session in Tallinn.

On behalf of the Presidency,            Vikki Perijainen


Vikki Perijainen (EST)           perijainen.vikki@gmail.com


Saskia Bergmann (EST)            saskia.bergmann@gmail.com

Mari-Liis Lillebach (EST)            mariliislillebach@gmail.com

María López-Torreblanca  (SP)  m.l.torreblanca99@gmail.com

José López-Rúa  (SP)               joselopezruat@outlook.es

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