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Innovation I Sustainability I Development

It is a great honor for me, on behalf of the Presidency of the 52nd session of the Model European Parliament, to welcome you.

In the wake of the CoVid 19 pandemic we unfortunately have had to cancel the physical session scheduled for Stockholm, Sweden in March and November. Instead a first-time online conference is taking place embodying what this European meeting wishes to focus on.

The Model European Parliament is a place for innovation. It is a forum where young Europeans can test their opinions while developing new ideas on European issues. The divergent perspectives of the delegates fuel the creativity needed to find innovative solutions to our common challenges. Europe is in great need of such innovative solutions, as it is evident that much of our current practices will not sustain the development of future generations. We are entering a new decade with rising mistrust of governing institutions and the climate crisis in full swing. Only open and dynamic environments like MEP can foster future sustainable governance and climate policies in our increasingly interconnected continent.

My home country Sweden embodies the Model European Parliament’s spirit of innovation. Its capital Stockholm has generated over 20,000 tech businesses, and only Silicon Valley outperforms the city in terms of billion-dollar start-up companies. The city also exemplifies the notion that innovation must further sustainable development, being the first-ever European Green Capital and offering a world-class public transportation system, run on 100% biofuel. I hope that Stockholm’s commitment to innovative and sustainable development will inspire consideration of our shared responsibility for the future throughout the session.

I encourage you to come to the digital MEP session unafraid of thinking outside the box. Thus, propose something new in the committee meetings, raise an unconventional point in the General Assembly. Likewise, let others improve, criticize, and modify your ideas. The diversity of the participants’ perspectives will then not only act as an accelerator of innovation but also as a rooting mechanism – making sure that your solutions will stand the test of time. Let your debate reflect the intercultural aspects of innovation and sustainable development.

The Presidency warmly welcomes you to the 52nd international session of the Model European Parliament – digital.


President MEP Stockholm 2020

Clara Falkenek

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